Sunday, 25 July 2010

Scrap Brain Zone

The sixth in my level pieces for website Zone: 0 

The final artwork I'm doing for Sonic 1, onto Sonic 2 now.

This is the furthest I've deviated from the original designs so far. But seen as though the music from Scrap Brain is so obviously inspired by Bladerunner, I wanted to pay a little homage too, though hopefully it's still recognizable as the original level.


  1. That is (if you'll pardon the expression) way past cool!

    Your deviation from the original design gives it a lot of life and it looks fantastic. I'm sure any Sonic fan could recognise the Zone at a glance, as well.

  2. Expression forgiven :)
    I'm glad you like it!

  3. I recognise some of those building shapes in the background ;) Very awesome Ricky. Niceone.

  4. Suggestion: Create an account at DeviantArt and add your artwork there! It will get a lot more attention!

  5. I have done that already Denilson! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  6. Yes *_* This is awesome, you outta be pleased with this one!